13 December 2019

Why we don’t have a ‘flavour list’

In an industry that is dominated by big players, we at JPL believe that no matter the size of our company, we can make a real difference in the lives of our customers with our creative and flexible approach to flavour creation.

In our experience, our competitors – the ‘giants’ in the flavour world, appear to be consumed with volume orders and often let distributors deal with what they consider to be ‘smaller accounts.’ This in turn closes the door on flavour creation as often distributors do not have the capabilities to create flavours in line with customer briefs and will instead offer flavours from a core flavour list.

We often get asked from our customers for a list of flavours we can supply and in truth we don’t have one. If you’re wondering why; the reason is simple. 

‘If you can imagine a list with infinite flavour possibilities…. That’s our list!’

We create flavours in line with exact customer briefs – and one size does not fit all. All flavours are created to exact customer requirements according to profile, end application, market and cost demands.  

We are continually evaluating and creating new flavours, so won’t have (for example) just one Strawberry flavour– we’ll have several thousand.

We do not believe that customers should need to pay a premium for quality flavours either and you’ll not find overinflated prices for bespoke flavours. Our customers growth is as important as ours, and we’re all about creating long standing relationships through our creativity, flexibility, customer service and cost-effective pricing. Even with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we guarantee to hold our prices throughout 2020 whereas we’ve been told our competitors are increasing pricing from around 3-6%

We’ll also often get asked to flavour match – usually this is when a customer is keen to move flavour business due to poor service, high pricing or long lead-times. We have both the equipment and the know how to make this possible, all with the guarantee of all round better service!