Exploring flavours in the Confectionery sector


Clean and innovative taste solutions for confectionery

With a huge scope of creativity, this sector of JPL’s business offers challenging but rewarding developments in a number of areas. From reduced sugar to super indulgent, our flavours can work hand in hand with the requirements of our customers.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Chocolate – filled and reduced Sugar Chocolate
  • Sugar Confectionery – Gums, Jellies, Chews, Marshmallows & High Boiled
  • Caramels, Fudges, Fondants and Toffees
  • Sweet Syrups – Fruit, Caramel, Chocolate, Seasonal Flavours

Vegan jelly sweets

Developing pectin based jelly confectionery

JPL have recently designed a range of vegan suitable jelly based confectionery, using Pectin in place of any gelatin. Using only natural flavours, the NPD team were able to design a high quality range of products suitable for the vegan diet. In some cases the greasy taste from the gelatin was missing and our flavourists were able replicate this taste in the form of a natural flavouring

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Reducing sugar in chews

Reducing sugar by 5% in chews without compromising taste

JPL recently completed a project involving reducing sugar by 5% in chews without sacrificing taste. The customer aimed to reduce the sugar by 5% to ensure their product was under the targeted calorie limit. With the use of natural flavours, the NPD department were able to produce a product within the calorie target and the natural sugar flavours were able to replicate the sugar taste lost after reduction

Natural masking flavours

Masking off notes in chocolate coated protein balls

With consumers now looking for healthy and tasty products , this has left confectionery manufacturers looking for a way to incorporate the trending functional ingredients into their products. whey protein in particular has made it’s way into the confectionery market and is offering exciting opportunities for confectionery, giving it a new health conscious consumer base.

Incorporating protein into recipes can be tricky as protein can carry off notes when added into existing confectionery recipes. JPL were tasked with masking these off notes in chocolate coated protein balls. The manufacturer wanted to give the consumer a large dose of protein per serving and this affected the product taste. JPL were able to mask these off notes using natural flavours, using a natural masking flavour to block the unwanted off notes and a natural chocolate flavour to help achieve the taste that the manufacturer had planned for.


Replace nuts with natural flavours

Removing allergens and replacing with allergen free natural flavours

JPL were approached by a customer that was hoping to supply their products into a national retailer. Unfortunately the retailer was deterred by the fact that the product contained nuts. The NPD team at JPL were able to solve this issue, the applications department were able to replicate the fudge and replace the crunch from the nuts with an allergen free ingredient. The flavour department then developed a flavouring that was able to replace the taste that was lost from removing the nuts.

Due to the service provided by JPL, the customer met the criteria demanded from the retailer.