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Bakery Flavouring

Bakery flavours

Clean label taste solutions for the bakery industry

Bakery offers a wide range of emotions to the consumer for all times of the day. From indulgence to healthier options, JPL flavours can offer a spectrum of ideas to compliment the requirements of our customers and the consumers.

We can work on a wide range of finished baked goods such as:

  • Morning Goods – Breads, rolls, croissants, pancakes, scones, muffins
  • Pastries – Plain or filled pastries and pies
  • Cakes – Sponge, fruit & chocolate cakes, toppings and fillings
  • Gluten Free – Breads, pancakes, muffins
  • Sauces – Caramel, chocolate and fruit sauces
  • Pizzas – Pizza bases and toppings

Utilising our new functional range for healthier options, the bakery arena is an exciting place to be to develop the next trend setting products. We can work on reducing fats and added sugars across a wide range of products without compromising on taste. With our key bakery knowledge, we can re-engineer baked goods and fillings to offer great tasting and healthy alternatives.

Functional flavours in bakery

Reducing sugar in cookies without compromising taste

Recently JPL developed a cookie recipe that contained only 5% Sugar without compromising taste. Using only natural flavours and no intense sweeteners or polyols, this successful recipe will be one of the most clean label low sugar bakery products on the market.

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Butter flavourings

Removed/Reduced butter in shortbread biscuits

With many consumers now looking for vegan & low calorie indulgences, this leaves all butter shortbread off the menu.  JPL have recently completed a project that aimed to remove butter entirely from a shortbread biscuit without compromising taste & mouthfeel. Using only natural flavourings, the NPD team were able to design a dairy free, clean label, vegan product alternative that still tasted great.


Using the same natural flavour, JPL were also able to develop a vegan croissant that still delivered an authentic butter taste profile



Cheese flavourings

Vegan cheese filling for bakery products

With the vegan market currently on trend, consumers are looking for products they all know and love to be vegan suitable. JPL have been working extensively to create a vegan product that will stand up in quality to the British staple cheese & onion pasty. Firstly the NPD team created a vegan filling that was then top noted with natural cheese flavour & natural onion Flavour. Secondly the NPD team created a vegan pastry that was top noted with natural butter flavour to give the pastry an authentic finish.



Salt reduction

Reducing salt in a steak pie by up to 25%

The NPD team at JPL have recently completed a project for a customer hoping to reduce their sodium content in their Steak Pies by 25%. Using only natural flavours the NPD team were able to replace the umami feel of salt and helped the customer maintain their products high standard even when reducing Salt.