Exploring flavours in the Beverage sector


Clean and innovative taste solutions for Beverages

Here at JPL our main goal is to provide our customers with great tasting beverage products that fit with the current and future trends of the beverage market. Whilst reducing the sugar intake in beverages, maintaining great taste is a major target for most manufacturers as consumers are more attuned to good taste and mouthfeel.

JPL can create a range of products with flavours and natural flavours that can accommodate the most demanding of ideas:


  • Soft Drinks – Still, Carbonated, Cordials, Post Mixes, Energy Drinks
  • Juice Based Drinks – Still, Carbonated, Add back Flavours
  • Alcoholic – Flavoured Gin, Flavoured Vodka, Flavoured Rum, Cocktails, Liqueurs, Beers, Cider, Alcopops
  • Powdered Drinks – Chocolate, Malt based, Milk based, Dairy free Coffee whitener
  • Tea & Coffee – Flavoured loose tea, flavoured Coffee granules, flavoured coffee syrups, Granulated flavours
  • Sports – Nutritional RTD’s,  Dissolvable Nutritional Powders, Energy shots

Keeping quality under the sugar tax

Replacing mouthfeel in reduced sugar beverage

JPL have developed a range of natural flavours that deliver a syrup like mouthfeel and boost sweet notes in a beverage when sugar is reduced. These flavours have helped brands keep their high quality whilst keeping them comfortably under the sugar tax

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Juice drink project

Reducing Juice content without compromising quality and taste

The NPD team at JPL were tasked with removing Mango juice concentrate in a beverage as the juice was problematic for production runs. The Mango juice was completely removed from the recipe and replaced with a natural flavouring that delivered the Mango taste and also replicated the mouthfeel originally produced by the juice concentrate

Reduced Sugar

Reducing sugar in a flavoured Water

Reducing sugar in a flavoured water can be incredibly hard as flavoured water tends to rely on a very short amount of ingredients, in most cases the label declaration will contain only – sugar, preservative, flavours and an acid matrix. This leaves options very limited in how to reduce sugar without having to compromise a clean label declaration

JPL developed two natural flavourings to address these issues. The first flavour was created to replicate the sweet notes generated by sugar and to help drive the primary flavour through. The second flavour specifically targeted the mouthfeel of Sugar, when reducing Sugar, the syrup mouthfeel is lost. This natural flavour provides the syrup backnotes ensuring the end consumer will not notice any modified sugar levels

Beverage specific flavours

Taking flavours suitable for confectionery and making them suitable for beverage

Sometimes a beverage manufacturer will taste products that have been produced for a completely separate industry and wish they were available in a beverage format. For example the NPD team at JPL were tasked with designing a Lemon sherbet flavour for a carbonated soft drink

JPL already provide Lemon sherbet flavours to the confectionery industry so this would seem like an easy project to complete however it was quite the opposite. The confectionery delivery system is so different than a beverage delivery system and because of this, when the confectionery flavour was used in a beverage, it did not perform as expected. The flavourists at JPL were tasked with recreating the hard candy shell taste as well as tweaking the suitability of the confectionery flavour.

The end product resulted in a carbonated beverage that tasted exceptionally similar to a Lemon sherbet almost as if you could taste the candy, in the beverage.

Producing flavour quality worthy of our market leaders but for a cost effective price is our primary goal

Jake Lavelle, Director & Flavourist

Beat the sugar tax

Using our blend of natural flavours we can help you reduce your sugar content and not compromise on taste or mouthfeel

Flavour modulators

Whether it be Stevia or functional ingredients, we can develop Flavour modulators to mask any unwanted off notes without changing the flavour profile of your product

Flexible flavour formats

We can provide flavours in an array of formats for your beverage whether it be flavour granules, Liquid flavours, powder flavours, add back flavours or flavour modulators.

Flavour boosters

If your product is almost perfect and just needs a small boost to take it over the line, we can help. Whether it be an alcoholic beverage that just needs an extra taste of Vodka without changing the overall profile or your Strawberry needs to taste slightly riper, we can offer solutions with our boosters

Flavouring every industry

Natural flavours

When looking for clean label solutions that taste great, JPL can provide a huge array of natural flavours

Analytical capabilities

With access to GC/MS and HPLC testing, JPL can offer in depth analysis of ingredients and finished products.

Matching capabilities

If you already have the perfect flavour profile, JPL can match this flavour profile and offer cost savings

Bespoke flavours

With today's industry challenges, off the shelf solutions may not work. JPL can offer bespoke flavour development specifically for your project

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