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Developing flavours to your taste

The goal at JPL is not to make flavours that we think taste great, we want to make flavours that are perfect for you and your project. How do you want your product to taste? We’re here to materialise your vision for your product.

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How it works

Discover your product journey from concept to launch

Designing a product for the food industry can be quite intimidating, check out our process and see how we can help you start moving forward with your development. Our NPD team will guide you to a great tasting product exactly as you imagine.

Our process

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Enough of us telling you how great we are, let us show you!


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Looking for a bespoke flavour?

You tell us how you'd like your flavour to taste and we will materialise your vision

Finished product samples available

Our NPD team can arrange finished product samples that demonstrate our flavours performance

Expert advice from our technical team

With direct communication available with our NPD team you will get expert advice at every stage

Natural flavour or flavour?

Remember to tell us how you'd like the flavour labelled, Natural flavour or flavouring

Bespoke Flavours

Our Flavourists will design a flavour based on your project, you will not receive off the shelf flavours that are on offer to everybody. We want you to be unique and to help you become a consumer favourite

Flavour matching

Already got the perfect taste? Our analytical capabilities allow us to match flavours exceptionally well, meaning that you can still keep that taste you love but see some potential cost savings and shorter lead times.

Expert advice

Once you have an account manager you are not destined to speak to that person and that person only within JPL. If you need expert advice and you need it quickly, you can contact our expert NPD team and talk with them directly to solve your issues or questions.

Finished product samples

No time to test our flavours in your finished product? No problem, we can arrange finished product samples so you don't have to. Just request this with your account manager and we can provide replicas of your finished product showing our flavour performance.