Exploring flavours in the Dairy sector

Chilled & Frozen Dairy

Clean and innovative taste solutions for Dairy

Here at JPL our main goal is to provide our customers with great tasting dairy products that fit with the current and future trends of the dairy market. With the focus on health & wellness in dairy, maintaining great taste whilst keeping low sugars and fats is a major target for most manufacturers.

JPL can create a range of products with flavours and natural flavours that can accommodate the most demanding of ideas for all areas of the dairy sector such as:

  • Yoghurts – Traditional style, Greek style
  • Ice Cream, Sorbet
  • Fruit inclusions for Yoghurts
  • Milk based beverages
  • Cream/Cheese based applications
  • Vegan suitable replications of the above


Keeping taste quality when reducing sugar & fats

Replacing mouthfeel & flavour delivery in low sugar/low fat dairy products

JPL have developed a range of natural flavours that deliver a syrup like mouthfeel and boost sweet notes in a dairy product when sugar is reduced. These flavours have helped brands keep their high quality taste whilst reducing or even removing sugars and fats completely

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Sugar reduction

Sugar reduction in a blueberry greek yoghurt

With consumers now looking for low calorie or low sugar alternatives to traditional yoghurts, this has left manufacturers seeking for a solution that will not compromise taste. JPL have designed natural flavours specific for dairy to replace sweetness and the mouthfeel that is lost when reducing or removing sugar.

Vegan yoghurts

Keeping traditional yoghurt taste in a vegan alternative

With the vegan market currently on trend, consumers are still demanding for the tastes they know and love whilst expecting those products to fall in line with their dietary requirements. This can be a big task for yoghurt manufacturers with traditional yoghurts heavily relying on dairy ingredients. The NPD team at JPL were tasked with taking a vegan yoghurt base and flavouring it so that it replicated the traditional yoghurt taste

Using a variety of natural flavours, including dairy top notes & yoghurt flavours, the team were able to produce a vegan recipe that tasted incredibly similar to the traditional recipe.

Natural cream flavours in dairy

Replacing cream in a milkshake

With manufacturers in the dairy sector having so many challenges attempting to offer vegan alternatives of their products, the NPD team at JPL have created an array of natural flavours that can imitate several dairy ingredients.

In a recent project, JPL were tasked with removing cream powder from a milkshake powder blend.

The flavourists at JPL designed a natural cream flavour that imitated the smooth mouthfeel given by the cream powder and ensured that this flavour also delivered the creamy taste that helped drive the overall taste of the milkshake.