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All flavours carry different costings, with thousands of compounds at our disposal we can create a flavour around your costings. If your project is price sensitive please talk with your account manager who can arrange a cost effective solution

Flavours notoriously carry huge minimum order quantities however at JPL we only ask for a minimum order of 5KG for liquid flavours and 20KG for powder flavours.

Here at JPL, our doors are always open to customers and potential customers. Sometimes you feel more confident in your product if you can proactively input your opinions during development. We are very transparent and are happy to show you how we work in person

We are BRC accredited to the v8 standard with a AA grade.

Sometimes when you have a technical question, you’d rather speak to an expert than your account manager. We completely understand and pride ourselves on being one of very few flavour houses that allow you to speak to our technical team directly. Ensuring that every answer you get is coming from an industry expert in the relevant field.

We pride ourselves on having one of the fastest lead times in our industry. With a delivery time of only 10 working days we are certain we can meet your production schedules

Of course! The analytical capabilities at JPL make it very simple for us to match existing flavours, leaving us able to offer cost savings and faster lead times.

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