21 November 2019

The magic of mystery

In a market where taste is ever evolving and manufacturers are looking to engage consumers through social media, we have seen an increase in exciting flavour and colour combinations. Whilst the Mermaid, Unicorn and Llama have had their time in the limelight, we’re now seeing the power of ‘mystery’ come to the forefront.

Food manufacturers are relying on their social media audience to guess the flavours used within their products. This is a trend that we’re already seeing creep into the market but we’re expecting to extend well into 2020.

Mystery flavours are already being used by market leading brands

These products usually look like brand favourites but the consumers are not let in on the secret taste. This trend appeals to peoples desire for an interactive experience and hype up new or limited edition releases. Colours are also adding extra mystery with contrasting colours being used for example Blue colour used with Strawberry flavouring.

With our finger on the pulse with regards to new innovations, trends and flavour technologies we pride ourselves on our speed from concept through to launch.

For us here at JPL, it gives us the opportunity to really go wild with flavour creation and creating flavours however obscure, it is something we’re really passionate about (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory!)

We pride ourselves in making the impossible possible, born out of a labour of love and the desire to give a personal touch to customers. We create flavours to bespoke customer requirements whatever the application. Whether you’re looking for a flavour for Beverages, Bakery or Confectionery for example we have the experience and flexible attitude to create a flavour fit for purpose.