7 September 2020

JPL Flavour Technologies – A Great British Flavour House

JPL Flavour Technologies – A Great British Flavour House

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – what a year 2020 has turned out to be!

We’ve all suffered this year, missing our friends, family, re-arranging holidays, terrible news of people losing their jobs and businesses forced to close.  These challenges affected us all, and as far as the day to day operations here at the good ship JPL we certainly noticed a decline in new briefs as many of our customers in the food & drink industry put on the brakes when it came to new product development.

As we all take tentative steps towards the “new normal”, we find ourselves in the UK, facing another onslaught of change – BREXIT. This will no doubt bring a whole new range of business challenges which we are well prepared for.

So let’s focus on the positives!

As most of our raw materials are sourced within the UK, JPL Flavour Technologies will continue to supply flavours within our usual 10 working day lead-time (often sooner where we can) resulting in minimal disruption for customers when Brexit does kicks in.

With the opportunity to expand our facilities on site, we have been working behind the scenes to expand our portfolio of vegan meat and dairy flavours in line with the global demand for better tasting Vegan alternatives.  We’re not stopping there either and are currently working on our mouthfeel and sugar flavour offering, as the growth for low sugar / healthier alternatives continues to gain momentum

With further investment into our analytical department too, we now have the capabilities to accelerate our matching process of any flavours to our customers requirements.

‘’We are confident that our focus on areas such as these can offer solutions to all our customer requirements’’

The entrepreneurial spirit of our company is paramount to our growth and we pride ourselves on our independent status and ability to deliver high quality and competitively priced flavours from our headquarters on the Wirral.

We feel that a homegrown UK based flavour company focused on customer service is the key to supplying our dynamic market in the coming months and years.