25 November 2019

Where did we come from?

With flavours being such an incestuous industry we’re always asked, where did you come from? It’s quite rare to find start ups in the flavour industry as gathering the raw materials alone can be a very costly project. Not to mention getting the factory to a BRC standard, acquiring analytical equipment and of course hiring experienced staff.

A lot of us here started our career in the flavour industry at Hagelin flavour technologies, we were based at the UK site which was the site dedicated to production for Europe. The UK site was based on the Wirral in Merseyside and was a great company to work for, all the local staff really appreciated the convenience & how lucky we were to be involved in this amazing industry. However in 2013 Hagelin was acquired by Frutarom and then strategically closed down and all the UK business was ingested into the Frutarom site in Wellingborough.

Obviously this was not convenient for our local staff and 95% of the staff were made redundant. Since then we have all been to work for corporate giants, some of us even changed industries however nothing was ever the same. The flavour industry is all about creativity and the corporate approach just didn’t do the flavour industry justice for us. With no alternatives to Hagelin around, we decided to register our own flavour company in 2014. The company was named JPL flavour technologies.

It took 2 years for everything to be signed off and in March 2016 we moved back into the old Hagelin building that we all used to work from and we started over again. In 2016 we managed to turnover £250,000, 2017 exceeded Hagelin turnover when we turned over £1,800,000. 2018 we turned over an impressive £3,300,000.

2019 has been a very eventful year for us, in March 2019 we said goodbye to our old site that we loved so much and we moved into a purpose built facility in Neston, also on the Wirral. This site is 9x bigger than our old site and came with plenty of land for expansion. We had budgeted for a slower growth year due to the move and had our stretch target at £4,000,000. It appears we have dramatically exceeded that target as we estimate to finish this year at £5,500,000.

“JPL will never be for sale”

Our intentions for starting this company were never about charging high prices and chasing huge margins, it was about pushing creative boundaries and giving our customers an experience to remember. Having a local company specialising in flavours is great for our community and especially important to local flavour talent who can’t move away due to family commitments.

3 years in, a new UK site and a much bigger team, our ethics are still the same as they were when we started. Producing quality flavours for a fair price with a high level of customer service all the way from concept to launch. With a team of people who have first hand experienced an acquisition we can honestly promise our staff, suppliers, competitors & customers that JPL will never be for sale.