25 August 2020

Wellness from within

It would be an understatement to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed 2020 for all of us.

As a nation we’ve been working from home, isolated, scared and mostly confused with government advice.

Whilst many people (including me) took the opportunity to stock pile beer and enjoy a takeaway, studies now show that 47% of people put on weight during lockdown with 20% of women and 10% of men putting on a stone or more.

This being said, there was one sector that seemed to triumph through the misery and this was the Sports Nutrition / Nutrition & Wellness sector.

Whether you were working out at home with Joe Wicks, stock-piling Vitamin D or injecting bleach (we hope you weren’t) a fair few of us were looking to keep trim and more importantly well during this time.

Whilst NPD for the food & drink sector sloped off as businesses were forced to close during lockdown we have noticed new launches in the promotion of wellness and lifestyle products.

Known for functionality rather than taste, a lot of these products have challenging flavour profiles and a lot of our success here at JPL can be credited to working in partnership with our customers to help mask these flavours with our innovative bespoke flavours.

We’ve worked with Nootropics, Collagen, MCT, CBD, Electrolytes, Proteins, Pre-Workouts and BCAA’s to name just a few, and can only imagine the demand for these products growing even further as the future still remains somewhat uncertain.

So whilst we can’t promise we’ll be there cheering you on whilst you work out with Joe, we can promise that owing to our experience and expertise, we can help to offer a flavour that’s right for your application, so why not get in touch now – if this year has taught us anything it should be ‘why wait? – we don’t know whats around the corner!’