3 April 2020

The Yeasty boys (and girls!)

Yeast. It’s great. Let’s face it, two of the most consumed products in the world require it, bread and alcohol.


Fortunately, we have done our research here at JPL into both (thorough research too!) and have been making flavours to compliment yeasted goods a whole bunch recently!

Whether it’s for hot cross buns, (Happy Easter everyone!) or for our friends in the brewing industry, we’ve got a solution for you.


Heat stability in flavours for bakery is imperative and our range of bakery flavours are robust and thoroughly tested and our flavours for the brewing industry are tailor made for each specific brief meaning we match a flavour to compliment your base every time.


We hope everyone is safe, well and happy this Easter, enjoy a toasted hot cross bun and a glass of beer, and think of our little friend the single celled micro organism who makes these products possible, we salute you yeast!