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Protein Powder

With the Nutrition Industry currently expanding at an incredibly fast rate, the development of Protein Powders is changing rapidly. No longer does a Consumer expect the basic Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate & Banana Flavour option. Consumers are now on the lookout for the most exciting and innovative Flavour they can find.

Bespoke Flavour Development and Flavour Matching for Protein Powders, flavour concentrates to give your protein powder that unique food flavour.

Here at JPL Flavour Technologies we drive innovation, we don’t believe in sticking to basics. Instead of a Strawberry Flavour, why not try our Jammie Dodger Flavour or our Jam Donut Flavour? Instead of a Chocolate Flavour, try our Bacon & Maple Syrup Flavouring.

All our Flavour developments are bespoke to our Customers, if you’d like to request a sample today, please contact us here