15 January 2020

Natural Cannabis/Hemp flavours

With the food industry seeing CBD becoming more popular and on it’s way to becoming a major trend, it seems manufacturers are looking to go one step further and give the consumer a real taste of Cannabis/Hemp in their products. After seeing multiple projects come through the door that vary from Cannabis flavoured Vodka, flavoured tinctures and even Cannabis flavoured gummy bears, the development team at JPL decided this is something we should get more familiar with.

Originally we started by looking at research papers from the USA where analytical companies had broken down the Cannabis to show what aroma compounds were present in certain strains. Without the ability to legally buy in Cannabis and perform these tests ourselves we were quite stuck and if you were a good boy like me growing up, I didn’t know what it tasted like. Sure I’d smelt it on the odd stoner on a night out in Liverpool but I definitely wasn’t capable of building an authentic flavour together from that memory alone. So a few days before we departed for the Food ingredients exhibition in early December, Chris Randles one of our Flavourists and I decided we had to go and try the real thing before attempting to offer our customers a solution we were proud of. We arrived in Los Angeles and spent several hours sampling the cannabis flower, infused confectionery and even some water soluble Cannabis concentrates that could be added to beverages. Needless to say we took extensive notes before the effects kicked in!

On our final day we stopped by an analytical lab that kindly hired their GC/MS out to us for the day. Chris and I created several Cannabis extracts and analysed them which ensured we had accurate data to correlate with our tasting notes. After returning from our Christmas shut down, Chris & I finalised our range of Cannabis flavours which are now available for sampling in liquid and powder format, both oil and water soluble

For any further information on our Cannabis flavours please call the office on 0151 334 0789 or email us at info@jpl-flavours.com