20 February 2020

JPL secure second manufacturing site

The team here at JPL are pleased to announce we have secured a second site specifically for savoury flavour manufacturing.

In 2019 our technical team developed a range of flavours specifically targeted at Vegan food manufacturers. Our first line of flavours released consisted of a huge array of dairy and meat style flavours such as Cheddar cheese, Blue Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Milk, Cream, Butter, Beef, Bacon, Chicken, Turkey and Pork. The idea behind these flavours was to avoid the general meat style flavours you see dusted onto crisp seasonings as they would not pass as an authentic meat or dairy alternative. The feedback from customers was phenomenal and it inspired us to look into these flavours even deeper to see how we could take them to the next level.

Towards the end of 2019 we had finished developing our more detailed versions of the above flavours. For example we were able to develop a rare Steak flavour, a medium Steak flavour and a well done Steak flavour. The rare Steak delivers the metallic, bloody notes and the well done Steak has more grilled and crispy notes, whilst the medium Steak flavour has the best of both flavours. Our Chicken flavour was broken down into 4 separate flavours – Roast Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Boiled Chicken and even smoked Chicken. Being able to offer these very specific and detailed flavours with small MOQ’s and a lead time of only 10 working days has made us incredibly popular in the fast moving Vegan food sector.

This high demand for our Savoury, Vegan friendly flavours has driven us to secure a second site which will be dedicated to Savoury powder and liquid manufacturing. Our Savoury site will be located in Bromborough, Wirral only 10 minutes drive from JPL HQ. We are expecting to open this site early this Summer and this success is a credit to our hardworking team.