11 May 2020

JPL Manufactures Hand Gel

With the North West confirmed as having the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases outside of London, it only seemed right that we adapt to support our local community during this crisis in any way we can.

Since we already handle most of the components in our factory, and have the knowledge and space to manufacture we’re happy to play our part in supporting those most vulnerable in our society and have recently started to manufacture our own Hand Gel in 5 litre containers– which we’re happy to supply to those who need most it during these troublesome times

We’re donating to local hospitals, care homes, schools and businesses in an attempt to keep people safe and businesses operating.

This post isn’t intended for praise, likes or shares – more as a reminder for all to ‘do what we can, when we can’ – and soon hopefully we’ll all be back to something resembling normality soon.

Stay safe.

Team JPL