Exploring flavours in the Personal care sector

Personal Care

Clean and innovative taste solutions for Personal care products

Personal care is a very diverse and innovative industry offering great opportunities for the development of bespoke creative flavours. Flavours for personal care excitingly push the boundaries between Flavours & Fragrances with some of the products needing to be Flavour grade however actually being regulated by IFRA

JPL can offer Flavours for products such as:

  • Lip Balms, Lip glosses
  • Facemasks
  • Flavoured Lubricant, Flavoured Body paint
  • Flavoured Massage Oils

Flavours for Personal care

Chocolate Flavours for face masks

JPL have recently completed a project which involved designing a Flavour suitable for high end face masks. The project involved creating a Chocolate Flavour that gave pleasant Fragrant notes and if eaten, would give the full flavour of Chocolate.

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Flavoured lip balm

Raspberry Flavouring for lip balm application

JPL have contributed to many personal care products over recent years. One of the most recent projects was to design a Raspberry Flavouring that was fragrant enough so that consumers would get an intense Raspberry aroma however when applied to lips the Flavour of authentic Raspberry would prevail

Flavoured intimate lubricant

Apricot Flavoured intimate lubricant for application to skin

The NPD team at JPL were recently tasked with designing an Apricot Flavouring that could be used in a lubricant base that would be applied to skin. With skin applications there is far more to take into account other than the overall taste

JPL were able to design a base that delivered a fantastic Apricot taste whilst avoiding any skin irritation or sensitisation issues

Edible body butter

Vanilla Flavours for use in body butter

Body butter applications tend to usually opt for Fragrances however JPL were asked to design an edible body butter. Using a Vanilla Flavour, JPL were able to design a body butter that tastes great and is suitable for applying to skin

For personal care products it is imperative to avoid the use of Food Flavourings as skin sensitisers and skin irritants must be avoided for the safety of the consumer