Exploring flavours in the Nutrition sector

Health & Nutrition

Clean and innovative solutions for the health & nutrition sector

At JPL our main goal is to provide our customers with great tasting flavours that can perform well in health & nutrition products. Helping design products that are low calorie, filled with functional ingredients and packed full of flavour is our major target.

JPL can create a range of products with flavours and natural flavours that can accommodate the most demanding of ideas such as:

  • Whey protein powder
  • Pre workout/ Amino acid blends
  • Protein bars
  • Protein beverages
  • Protein indulgence – ice cream, yoghurts, puddings
  • Protein snacks – popcorn, crisps


Flavoured protein bars

Masking off notes in protein bars

Functional bar applications can sometimes carry off notes if they contain high levels of protein. JPL were tasked to mask the off notes with natural flavours, whilst maintaining a great tasting product.


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Flavouring protein snacks

Clean tasting flavoured protein snacks

The NPD team were tasked with developing an indulgent protein rich snack for a well established protein company. Using established contacts, customers and co-manufacturers, we sourced a clean tasting protein that was top noted with a range of our flavours and trialled in a factory environment. The resulting product – protein seasoned crisps – was well received, under budget and on trend.

Plant based protein products

Developing vegan suitable protein products with great taste

Flavouring vegan proteins can be problematic due to the perceived off notes in certain protein sources. JPL have developed a range of flavours to work with an established vegan protein brand that compliment the source protein (pea / hemp / rice blend) and also work to boost the overall sweetness from Stevia with our natural sweetness enhancing flavour modulators. As such we were able to become the problem solvers for our end customer who could rely on our technical expertise and flexibility to deliver a fantastic product.

Flavoured protein indulgences

Utilising natural flavours for high protein ice cream & whipped desserts

An established customer of JPL came to our NPD team wanting to develop a healthy, low carb, naturally sweetened, protein rich indulgence product. The NPD team and our customer worked together during technical days at our facility in Neston to work on a range of ice creams and instant whipped desserts that met the criteria of the brief and utilised our ever expanding range of flavours for sports nutrition and market trend knowledge to design a ready for market product.