Exploring flavours in the E-Liquid sector


Helping regulate safe Flavours for E-Liquids

JPL entered the E-Liquid industry simply to help regulate an Industry that is helping so many people live a healthier, alternative life to smoking. Working with reputable manufacturers with backgrounds such as pharmaceutical and tobacco, JPL have been at the forefront of advising manufacturers on how to keep their products as safe as possible. With access to a variety of analytical capabilities at JPL headquarters in Neston, this enables JPL to analyse current products on the market and give expert opinions on the safety of these products

JPL can only offer flavours for the E-Liquid industry, there is no nicotine on site and all flavours are designed specifically to be inhaled in an E Cigarette. Some products in the E-Liquid industry are made with food flavourings, although it is safe to ingest food flavourings, it is not necessarily safe to inhale. E-Liquid manufacturers have a duty of care to ensure their flavour manufacturer is designing flavours to be inhaled

Due to JPL designing flavours to be inhaled rather than ingested, this improves the quality of taste and gives our customers an advantage over competitors using food flavourings.

Regional flavour imitation

Why do EU liquids taste different to other parts of the world?

JPL have perfected the ability to imitate flavours from all over the world. With Malaysian and American liquids becoming more popular in the UK, this has led manufacturers to ask the question, how do I get my liquids to taste like that?

Different regions in the world perceive flavours very differently to how we do in Europe, a Strawberry in the UK would not taste remotely similar to a Strawberry in Malaysia. Using advanced analytical capabilities JPL have perfected imitating these flavour styles after cloning thousands of these flavours over the last 4 years.

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Bespoke flavours for premium brands

JPL operate very uniquely in the E-Liquid industry, whereas a number of flavour houses provide a list of flavours and customers are expected to choose from this list. JPL design flavours at the customers desire, whether it be taste profiles or price points, JPL can mould a flavour to fit exactly what you need it for. Each flavour is designed specifically to your PG/VG ratio and the flavours provided by JPL have contributed to more than 46 flavour awards worldwide

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Detecting and removing respiratory sensitisers

Cloning a flavour and removing Acetaldehyde from current formulation

JPL were approached to clone a flavour from a customer who was importing flavours from outside the UK. Upon the analysis via GC/MS it appeared that Acetaldehyde was used in the original flavour. This supplier was labelling this flavour as a food flavouring so all responsibility falls to the E-Liquid manufacturer for using an unsuitable flavour for E-Liquid.

Upon these findings JPL were tasked with cloning the flavour profile whilst removing any dangerous respiratory sensitisers and carcinogens. The flavourists at JPL were able to develop an incredibly similar flavour that could be deemed as safe for use in E-Liquids

Cloning flavours from Malaysia

Cloning flavours for cost saving purposes

JPL were tasked with cloning an array of flavours from Malaysia. The main focus of this task was to ensure the manufacturer could save costs and ensure faster lead times if the clone was achievable. Questionable compounds were detected yet again however after meeting with the customer and explaining the safety issues an agreement on taste expectations was successful

When the customer signed off on these clones their total cost saving per year was in excess of £300,000 and a lead time of only 10 working days was reached giving the customer more financial freedom and a reliable lead time for their customers.

Bespoke flavour boosters

Boosting crumble notes without compromising overall Liquid taste

The flavourists at JPL were approached by a customer with a very popular flavour in the E-Liquid industry. The flavour received regular reviews from customers suggesting that this liquid would benefit from an increase in the crumble aspect. The primary goal of the project was to ensure that the liquid did not change in overall taste and only the crumble notes would be increased

JPL developed a bespoke Crumble top note flavour that could be added to the existing recipe and helped this liquid become a consumer favourite