13 February 2020

Feeling the love at JPL

With Valentines day looming, we thought it time to get all sentimental and although it would be really easy for us to talk about valentines flavours and product launches,  it’s a leap year and we like to do things just a little bit differently, so instead we thought we’d share all the things we’re loving here at JPL Flavour Technologies. (Awwwww!)

  • We’re spreading our wings across Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East following our first successful exhibition at FIE in Paris in December. We’re excited to be doing it all again and have registered to exhibit at FIE Frankfurt this year.
  • We’re gaining real momentum with our Vegan ‘Meat’ flavours and have some big launches in the pipeline with our customers.
  • We’re growing – We’ve employed a further four people here at JPL spread between our labs and production. We employ local talent, but as the flavour industry is so specialised, it’s up to us to train these people correctly and keeping them happy working with us is vital to our growth and for them personally.
  • We’ve had a recent launch with a big biscuit brand name. We can’t say anymore than that but we’re very excited about it, and hope it’s the first of many.

I’ve been asking our staff here today, what do they love about JPL, and although there has been some variances, the message has been the same. Our values, Our ethos and our team spirit.

As a salesperson, it’s great to deal with customers and say that we’re creative, have short lead-times and flexible minimum order quantities, and that isn’t just sales patter – it’s the truth, so whatever your flavour request, however obscure you think the idea we’ll give it a go, and that is something we’re immensely proud of.

There’s no red tape either, no waiting to go through several different departments to get the answer you need , we don’t want to keep our customers at arms length so instead welcome our customers here to work with us – and if you do, you’ll see that we’re one big family, here to deliver on our promises.