Customer story

Marlish naturally flavoured spring water

Natural flavours for spring water

Natural flavours for Marlish spring water

The NPD team at JPL met with Marlish founder Joe Evans in 2016 to discuss designing Natural flavours for spring water. It was clear from the first meeting that Joe & the team at Marlish were looking for high quality flavours and focused on providing a great taste experience for their consumers. The project was very specific, the product had to be sugar free & high quality with natural flavours that could claim provenance. The resulting flavours that were successful were Brazilian Orange and Sicilian Lemon. Shortly after the success of these products, Marlish launched a Natural Raspberry variant which has helped them grow into a Nationally loved brand of spring water

How we did it

Refine, improve, master

The first port of call for a project are the flavourists, they will read your project requirements in detail and design a flavour exactly as you described. It is important to be as detailed as you possibly can be when briefing our team. Once the first sample is submitted and your opinion has been fed back to us, our flavourists will begin tweaking the formulation to your comments. This process will repeat until you are absolutely certain that our flavour is exactly what your product needs

Producing Flavour quality worthy of our market leaders but for a cost effective price is our primary goal

Jake Lavelle, Director & Flavourist

Award winning flavours

JPL have created the flavour for over 50 award winning products. The awards span across the globe from home grown awards in the UK to all the way as far as Japan.

Our bespoke service keeps you flexible

Our bespoke solutions keep our customers flexible so they can offer a huge range of products to their target market. If the product has a taste then JPL can always offer a solution

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