Customer story

International Coffee manufacturer

Matching flavours for Coffee syrups

Flavoured Coffee syrups for an international Coffee manufacturer

JPL were approached with a project from an international Coffee manufacturer. The customer was manufacturing flavoured Coffee syrups in bulk and felt that they needed to reduce their costings. The NPD team were able to use our analytical capabilities to analyse the products in depth and match the flavour used in the original syrup recipe. Our sales team were able to present these flavours to the customer in the form of a triangle test to see if there were any differences present in the JPL versions. After the flavours were approved, JPL were able to offer the customer an annual saving of £105,000 on flavour costs alone.

How we did it

Analyse, design & achieve

Matching flavours is a very different process to creating flavours. When matching flavours our duty is to replicate the taste of your product to perfection so that your consumers will not notice any changes. Our analysts are the first port of call in these scenarios, your current product will be analysed and the results will be given to our flavour team. Our flavour team will then use the analytical results to recreate the taste of your product exactly. Once internal taste panels are completed the matched flavours will be presented back to you for approval.

Producing Flavour quality worthy of our market leaders but for a cost effective price is our primary goal

Jake Lavelle, Director & Flavourist

British made flavours

With the possibility of Brexit looming, food manufacturers are seeing prices increase and lead times are becoming uncertain. With our convenient location in Neston, UK we are in a perfect position to solve these issues.

Over 1,500 flavours matched

Matching flavours has been a process regularly used in our industry for hundreds of years. Our flavourists are no strangers to matching flavours and have matched and approved over 1,500 in the last 3 years already.

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