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Looking for a new confectionery flavour?

Here at JPL Flavour Technologies our Flavour department have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to Confectionery & Chewing Gum. We offer Solutions in the form of Natural Flavourings such as Sugar Enhancers, Sugar Replacers, Sour Enhancers, Mouth feel enhancers.

Food Flavours/Flavourings created as a bespoke food flavouring to suit your needs or even a food flavour match is possible at JPL Flavour Technologies.

We have an enormous library of Flavours that are suitable for use in Candies & Chewing Gums. All Flavours are heat stable and can withstand intense heat and still deliver that all important Flavour profile.

All our Flavour developments are bespoke to our Customers, if you’d like to request a sample today, please contact us here