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Experts in beverage flavouring

As the beverage market continues to grow rapidly, consumer’s expectations are growing alongside consumer’s palates are becoming more adaptable and sophisticated which in turn leaves them looking for that new and exciting flavour.

And of course going out with your friends and family is a great way to relax and catch up. When we are out we tend to want to experiment with the ever growing market for cocktails and mocktails. So you can create a unique flavour of drink for your clients to add to your menu.

We can help you create a flavour for your beverage and once created this flavour is unique to you and will not be shared amongst our other customers. With a team of highly creative technologists running our NPD facility, JPL Flavour Technologies is one of the leading developers in staying ahead of beverage trends.

JPL offer solutions to any food or beverage issue, including Natural Sugar Replacers, Natural Salt Replacers, Natural Masking Keys and of course Natural Flavourings. We specialise in Flavour Concentrates, bespoke flavour development for our Customers. If you’d like to request a sample today or would like to discuss beverage flavouring, please contact us here