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E-Liquid Flavours you can trust

As the E-Liquid market for vaping continues to grow and become regulated, E-Liquid companies are struggling to find a TPD compliant Flavour manufacturer who they can trust.  JPL achieves Grade AA BRC Accreditation 

JPL are proud to announce that we achieved Grade AA in our 2018 BRC audit. We only incurred one minor non conformance due to a typo on a document. We are immensely proud of our team and the effort they put in showed in the result.

Here at JPL we develop Flavours with you, for you. We offer Customers the opportunity to spend the day with us at our Wirral based Laboratory to develop Flavours alongside our Flavourist, that way the Flavour can be tweaked to how the Customer would like it. After all that is finished, that Flavour is then exclusive to that individual Customer and will not be shown to anyone else.

E-Liquid flavour matching for vaping, that is TPD Compliant (Tobacco Products Directive).

JPL Flavour Technologies prides itself on being an open minded Company, which is why we believe in distributing our CAS numbers used in our Flavourings to our Customers.

If you are looking to create a unique or bespoke E-Liquid Flavour our team can help you turn your creative ideas into a modern, fun E-Liquid.  The E-Liquid flavour we help you create is bespoke to yourself and we will not share your falvour or ideas with any of our other clients.

All our Flavour developments are bespoke to our Customers, if you’d like to request a sample today, please contact us here