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Bespoke fishing bait flavours

The weather is gorgeous and what better way to spend your time other than enjoying the fresh air and warm weather out fishing.

The Fishing Bait Industry has never been more alive than it has been for the past decade, which has driven Innovation forward within the Industry. Consumers are now expecting to see new and exciting Flavours used in their baits, we can help with flavour matching or a bespoke flavour development.

JPL Flavour Technologies provides new and exciting Flavours for use in Fishing Baits, whether you’re looking for Savoury or Sweet, JPL can create Trendsetting Flavours hand in hand with our Customers.

Whether you are a weekend fisherman or a keen competitive fisherman, using the correct fishing bait is important.

Flavour concentrates, specifically for fishing bait, a bespoke flavour development for you.

All our Flavour developments are bespoke to our customers, if you’d like to request a sample today, please contact us here